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neuroVision Correction Evolving

Do you often experience Motion Sickness or Headaches? Do you suffer from Eye Fatigue, Dry Eye Sensations or even Neck Pain?

All of these symptoms can have more to do with your eye than you think.

We are excited to introduce and announce our partnership with Neurolens because we believe that vision must evolve beyond 20/20!

The Neurolens nMD2 machine is an objective, accurate, and repeatable way to measure eye alignment. The cutting-edge eye tracking system allows the nMD2 to identify eye misalignment as small as 0.1 Prism Diopters, acquiring over 10,000 data points per patient.

At least 2 out of 3 of people experience the symptoms of eye misalignment and that number grows as we shift toward remote working and learning. Even small misalignments can cause painful symptoms.

The small corrections prescribed in Neurolens glasses can deliver dramatic relief. In a study, 93% of patients experienced symptom relief from wearing Neurolenses.

Fill out this simple questionnaire to see if you could be a candidate for Neurolens:

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