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We Offer Incredible Patient-First Service at Premier Eye Associates, NJ

We’re happy to help you see the best you can see!

At Premier Eye Associates, outstanding customer service is always our first priority. You took a big first step toward healthier vision when you came in to see us about your eye health. We repay your trust by spending the time you need and leveraging the latest technology to give you the type of comfortable, accurate and professional eye exam you deserve.

Don’t just take it from us that we are efficient, helpful, and offer a great over-all experience… come experience it for yourself!

A Destination for Quality Vision Care

And aesthetic range of frame choices

Why Our Customers Trust Us

And Keep Coming Back

We always start a visit with an eye exam—it is essential to knowing your eye health, but as well we can even see if you are about to have a stroke.


Comprehensive being the operative word here. We aim to go beyond 20/20 and help our patients see clearly far into the future. At Premier Eye Associates, we test for a range of eye conditions, for both adults and children, including dry eye issues, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Book your appointment today!

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We pride ourselves on having hand-picked all the unique eyewear we carry. Our selection includes high-quality designer frames as well as independent eyewear, as we believe it's important to support the community around us. Looking for contacts? We've got you covered! Our shop is always stocked with a variety of contact lenses, from specialty lenses such as scleral lenses, Ortho-K, to the very best in disposable contact lenses. Designer Frames here >


Our board-certified pediatric optometrist works diligently to ensure that your child sees, perceives and experiences the world to their highest potential. That is why we have a new myopia management treatment to slow or halt myopia progression, as well as neurolenses to help kids with focusing issues see better.

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5-Star Patient Reviews

Our Patients Say it All—Thank You
Like all other reviews, this place is awesome!! Appointment right on time and super friendly staff all around. Designated parking is a plus!
2 days ago
- Lisa H.
I have gone to Dr. Sandler for years. She is thorough and has excellent way with her patients. I would definitely recommend her.
4 days ago
- Pat F.
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Offering Advanced Eye Care at Premier Eye Associates

Because We Want You to Have Healthy & Beautiful Eyes

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